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  • We prepare a detailed submission with every case to make sure that your case officer or tribunal member understands your case clearly and make it easy for you to get a positive outcome faster.
  • We advise you of the documents and other evidence needed to support your migration matter, and then we assist you in preparing everything for submission to the appropriate authority.
  • We identify any risks in your case, and let you know we can minimise those risks.
  • Each case is different. We give you a free initial 20-minute consultation so that you learn more about us, and we can find out whether we can assist you in getting a positive outcome.

Our Bios

jerry-hooper-migration agent in Perth

Jeremy is a senior migration agent. He has a very high success rate in getting positive outcomes for both visa applications and appeals. He is particularly proud of his work in getting successful outcomes in difficult cases.

Jeremy has a diverse background having lived in Australia, United Kingdom, Libya, Brunei, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the United States in the last 45 years. His technical background working an Engineer and Geophysicist means that has strong analytical skills. These are a powerful set of tools and techniques he uses to understand problems, break down problems into smaller parts, gather and evaluate information, and work towards solutions.

Jeremy understands the complex legal issues each case presents and knows how to design appropriate migration solutions for each client. This is especially so in assessing the skills of candidates for skilled migration in IT & Engineering occupations.

Laws, regulations and policies change regularly, often several times a year. Jeremy keeps up to date by reading widely, attending seminars and maintaining his network of agents and other migration professionals throughout Australia. He also actively mentors other agents and contributes regularly on general migration issues on the Australia Forum.

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