Temporary Business Visas

Temporary business visas are available for people who wish to come to Australia for business activities such as meetings, scouting trips and marketing. These visas allow you to attend meetings, meet customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The visas do not permit employment.

They are also the best visa for people to attend conferences and events in Australia

Provisional Business Visas

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)

This a four-year provisional visa for people who wish to migrate to Australia and either set up a new business, purchase an existing business or invest here.

There are currently five streams:

  • Business & Innovation
  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Significant Investor
  • Premium Investor

The visa you apply for depends on your business background, the amount you are willing to invest, and what you wish to do in Australia.

These visas are points tested, with points being earned for age, English proficiency and a number of different business metrics.

Permanent Business Visas

  • Business Talent

    This is the only permanent visa available to first-time applicants. You need to have a significant business history or to have obtained at least A$1 million in venture capital funding.

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)

    To apply for this visa you must have held a Business Innovation and Investment Provisional visa. It is a permanent visa and that allows you to continue the business, investment or entrepreneurial activity undertaken while holding the provisional visa.

Good news for Kiwi’s, you can apply for this visa without first having held the provisional visa.

Talk to us to find out more about any of these visas and see which visa you might be eligible for.

Applying for Business Visas

We can quickly assess your eligibility for any of these visas. In assessing your eligibility, we analyse your company and personal accounts, the suitability of your business activities, and introduce you to government departments and services that will both approve your proposed business activities and assist you in setting things up. We can also introduce you to services, such as business brokers, banks, and the government authorities, that you will need to deal with in setting up your business.


We know that finding out about and understanding visa processes can be timely and confusing.

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