Every migration matter is unique. Each of our clients has their own situation that needs our individual attention.

We change a par professional based on the facts of each case, the urgency and complexity of each situation, and the anticipated time needed to the work.

We will provide you with details of the work required for your migration matter at the time we provide you with a contract for out services. You are free to choose the work that you want us to do if you don’t agree with our proposal.

We structure our fees to give you best return on your investment, and to encourage frequent communication. Our fees are often made in instalments, reflecting the stages of the immigration process.

We want to be certain in advance of the actual costs involved, and give you the assurance of all the personal attention needed for your case.

After completing our initial assessment of your case, we will provide an estimate of costs. It appeals that require research into similar cases, we will discuss with you the nature of the research we can do ant the extent of the research you are willing to pay for.

Skilled Independent, State Nominated and other SkillSelect Visas

SkillSelect adds another layer of uncertainty to the already difficult process of applying to a skilled visa.

Not only must you meet the eligibility requirements, you must also hope that Department of Immigration & Border Protection invites you to apply for a visa.

Our pricing policy recognises that the many agents demand upfront payment of their fees before starting the work.

At 4 Australian Visas, you only pay in instalments for the work that is done for you. If at any stage of the application process you are unable to proceed, because your skills assessment was negative, or your English test score is not high enough, or you just changed your mind, then there are no further payments.

Our way is Pay as you Go

Our pricing policy is to charge on a per service basis for each stage of the process. For a skilled work visa application, the individual services include your initial in-depth eligibility assessment, assisting with your skills assessment, applying for State Sponsorship, lodging an Expression of Interest, lodging and managing your visa application, and providing you with the necessary support services.

The fees are based on assessing your eligibility and managing each process for you. In this case if your skills assessment was negative and you decided to discontinue your application, there would be no further fees paid.

The fee for each service is paid in full before we provide that service. If that stage leads to a positive result, then we move to the next stage.

In this way, if for any reason you are unable to continue with your application you will never have the problem of trying to recover fees for work that has not been done.

We are happy to perform any part of the work relating to your visa application from managing your application from start to finish to assisting you with just a small part of it.

For those who ask for Free Help and Advice

I am a regular contributor to the Immigration and Visas pages of the Australia Forum. I answer general questions only, the answers of which could be looked up on the internet.

I get many requests for advice and information from people who would like me to examine their cases.

I am always pleased to do that for a fee. In fact, you are able to ask me questions on migration or book a full consultation with me through this website.

I have considerable overheads that I pay each year so that I can legally provide accurate and up-to-date information, advice and assistance to my clients, so I think it is fair that clients pay a fair price for this.

I believe the professional advice and assistance I provide can save potentially save you $1,000's of dollars and give you peace of mind.

Not being prepared to pay a fair price for information, advice or assistance indicates that you don't put any value on my services.

If that is the case, then please don’t seek to find that information from me.

Our team has successfully assisted many people from diverse backgrounds get successful outcomes.
We can assist you get your visa.

Please feel free to contact us.