Every migration matter is unique. Each of our clients has their own situation that needs our individual attention.

We charge professional legal fees based on the facts of each case, the urgency and complexity of each situation, and the anticipated time needed to complete the work.

We will provide you with details of the work required for your migration matter at the time we provide you with a contract for our services. 

We want to be certain in advance of the actual costs involved, and give you the assurance of all the personal attention needed for your case.

After completing our initial assessment of your case, we will provide an estimate of costs. In appeals cases (for example, Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT)) cases that require research into similar cases, we will discuss with you the nature of the research we can do to the extent of the research you are willing to pay for.

Our team has successfully assisted many people from diverse backgrounds get successful outcomes.
We can assist you get your visa.

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