Visa Refusals

  • Visa Refusals in Australia
    It is a shock when your visa is refused. If this happens when you are in Australia, you have a choice of leaving the country or lodging an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We can advise you on your best course of action. We are experts in preparing you for an AAT review. We review your case, conduct research, request new evidence and prepare detailed submissions on your behalf. We will also thoroughly prepare you for your hearing and also accompany you on the day.
  • Visa Refusals outside Australia
    If your visa is refused when you are not in Australia, then your only option is to reapply for the same visa. You will need to carefully address the reasons why your previous application failed in your new application. You will find this much easier with specialist help from 4 Australian Visas. We have had significant success in this area.

Visa Cancellations

If your visa is cancelled for not complying with visa conditions or character issues, then it is possible to appeal the cancellation either directly to DIBP or to the AAT.

Talk to us about what avenues you have to challenge the cancellation of your visa.

Ministerial Intervention

If your appeal fails, you can either ask the Minister for Immigration to intervene in your case and replace the decision or take your case to the Federal Circuit Court. We can advise you on the best course of action,  assist you in asking with Ministerial intervention.

  • Federal Circuit Court

You can take your case to the Federal Circuit Court if you believe that DIDP and the AAT had on interpreted the law correctly. We can refer you to experts in this area.

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