Permanent Work Visas

There are two groups of Permanent Work Visas:

  • Points Tested Work Visas:
    These are for people who are not being sponsored by an employer. If you have an occupation in demand and enough points, you can apply independently. Otherwise you might be eligible for State/Territory Sponsorship or family sponsorship.
  • Employer Sponsored Work Visas:
    If you have an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you, you may be eligible to apply for either and Employer Nomination Scheme visa (ENS), or a Subclass 494 visa. The ENS visa can be sponsored by employers Australia wide, while the 494 visa, which has less rigorous criteria, is only available to those employed in 'regional' Australia.

Temporary Work Visas

  • Temporary Work and Activity Visas

    Someone needs to sponsor all of the temporary work visas. An employer needs to sponsor work visas; a religious organisation needs to sponsor religious workers; a promoter needs to sponsor entertainers, and an appropriate organisation needs to sponsor trainees.

    Talk to us about your temporary visa needs.

Assessing Your Eligibility

Assessing your eligibility for a Work Visa includes assessing your suitability for the occupation being sponsored as well as assessing the suitability of the sponsor and the need for the worker in that occupation. We have many years of experience in assessing the suitability of candidates and will only take cases where all participants are suitable.

We recently ran into some problems with the Immigration Department in its assessment of a client’s work experience. We successfully solved that problem and satisfied the case officer that he was working for 12 months at the appropriate skill level for the award of points.

Success Stories

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